Disability Awareness Program

Northern Will County Special Recreation Association recognizes the importance of understanding and accepting people with disabilities. The Disability Awareness Program is an educational, hands-on training and interactive learning experience that promotes sensitivity, acceptance and awareness of different perspectives as these issues relate to individuals with special needs.



  • Increase knowledge about disabilities
  • Promote acceptance of people with disabilities in all aspects of the community
  • Facilitate community partnerships


Examples of Program Activities

  • For Physical Disabilities
    • Experience fine/gross motor skills and mobility challenges through various activities and obstacles such as a wheelchair obstacle course
  • For Visual Impairments
    • Experience various visual impairments through simulation googles, sighted guide, and Braille exercises
  • For Hearing Impairments
    • Learn how to communicate using body language, facial expressions, and American Sign Language (ASL)
  • For Cognitive Impairments
    • Learn to follow directions and complete simple tasks like and individual with a Developmental Delay


Program Offered To…

  • School Districts
  • Park Districts
  • Sport Groups
  • Scout Groups
  • Businesses
  • Services Clubs
  • And many more!


To schedule your Disability Awareness Program, click on the link below, complete the request form, and return it to Gina Petkus by email (gpetkus@nwcsra.org) or by fax at (815-407-1829).

Disability Awareness Request Form