Traditional Summer Day Camp: Cancelled for Summer 2020

Due to COVID-19, NWCSRA has made the difficult decision to cancel tradition day camp this summer. Staff are working on virtual recreational opportunities. Additional information will be sent out soon.


Day Camp

NWCSRA’s Summer Day Camp program is designed to provide a community-based recreational experience for all children with special needs. NWCSRA Day Camps provide a structured environment in which to enjoy productive leisure activities. Our camps are designed to fit all campers needs, help them retain important skills learned during the school year, promote socialization, and to have FUN! Camp activities include crafts, games, sports, swimming, field trips, and much more!



Day Camp Goals

The NWCSRA Summer Day Camp program is designed to provide age and ability appropriate activities that will be enjoyable and beneficial for the campers.  The goals we have for this summer include the following:

  • Improve swimming abilities and teach water safety.
  • Encourage creativity and self-expression through art activities.
  • Expose campers to a wide variety of recreation activities that develop independent leisure interests and skills.
  • Participation in community field trips that are enjoyable and increase awareness of available recreation opportunities.
  • Help campers retain their academic skills through activities that aid in increased attention span, language skills, and self-expression.
  • Improve socialization skills by developing peer relationships and playing appropriately with other campers.
  • Improve motor skills and physical fitness.
  • Encourage independence and improve self-help skills.
  • Provide daily experiences that increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • Increase awareness and acceptance of children with special needs, while interacting with community members.


Snacks and Lunches
Parents will need to send a sack lunch every day with their child’s name on it. Participants who are enrolled in After Camp Care will receive a snack each day. Please list all dietary restrictions and allergies on your child’s Annual Information Form.

Weekly Schedules
Each week your camper will bring home a weekly schedule. Important dates and information will be provided, as well as other camp news and upcoming events at camp. Please take a moment to review and share the information with your child.

Camp Carefree and Camp Independence will go swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Campers are to bring their swim suit, towel and sunscreen to camp on those days. For campers who do not have bladder or bowel control, it is mandatory that they wear swim diapers. Please be sure to send the swim diapers every week. Traditional diapers or Depend undergarments will not be allowed in the pool.

Field Trips
Camp Carefree and Camp Independence will go on various field trips each week. Please refer to the weekly schedule for your child’s camp, and plan accordingly. Each camper will be given a T-shirt at the beginning of the camp season that should be worn on all field trips.

Inclement Weather
Camp will meet rain or shine.  However, depending on the heat index or the threat of rain, activities and field trips may be changed to ensure the safety of your children.  These changes are made on short notice, so please be patient and flexible with staff in the event of inclement weather.

If your camper will need to take medication during camp time or if you are sending emergency medication, you must indicate what medication is taken on the registration form. In addition, you must fill out NWCSRA’s medication dispensing forms which will be included with the Parent Assessment Form packets. During camp, all medication must be in original dosage containers clearly labeled with the camper’s name, along with medication name and dosage instructions. If these directions are not followed, we will not allow counselors to dispense any medication that day.

Day Camp Assessment Forms
Upon receipt of your registration form, NWCSRA will send you a Day Camp Assessment Form that must be completed by you and your child’s current teacher. This form will help our staff get to know your child’s interests, education and physical strengths and special needs. Please return the forms to the NWCSRA office two weeks prior to the start of the day camp session.

Annual Information Form
NWCSRA requires all participants to complete a yearly Annual Information Form. The form provides staff with valuable information which allows NWCSRA to conduct its activities in the safest possible manner and to meet the needs of the participants. All information is kept strictly confidential and enhances successful participation.

Upon receipt of your registration form, NWCSRA will send you a Transportation Assessment Form. Please return the form to the NWCSRA office two weeks prior to the start of the day camp session.

Day Camp Staff
An average ratio of 1 staff to every 4 campers is maintained at camp sites. The ratio may vary according to the ability level of campers. Please indicate on the “Parent Assessment Form” if your child needs special care (Example: 1 on 1 aide). All Day Camp Staff participate in an extensive orientation to familiarize them with the special needs of the campers.

Camper Behavior Expectations
NWCSRA encourages and promotes the concept of fun for everyone. However, certain rules and guidelines have been established to ensure the safety and enjoyment for everyone. Participants, staff volunteers and parents/guardians are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. Staff, participants, volunteers and parents/guardians shall:

  • Show respect to all participants, staff, volunteers and parents
  • Abstain from using abusive or foul language.
  • Refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants, staff, volunteers and parents/guardians.
  • Demonstrate respect to equipment, supplies and facilities.
  • Represent NWCSRA in a manner that is consistent with the goals, objectives and ethics of the association.

A caring, positive approach will be utilized regarding the use of disciplinary methods. Additional or individual behavior management plans may be developed on the advice of parents, guardians, staff members or other professionals. NWCSRA reserves the right to dismiss or suspend a participant if the above noted procedures are not adhered to, and/or parent/guardian response to a problem situation is not attempted. Each situation will be evaluated individually and on its own merit.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Parents must sign their child into and out of camp each day.
  • Please label all your child’s belongings.
  • Please do not send items not deemed necessary to your child’s care during camp. NWCSRA is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.
  • Campers must arrive at camp with clean and dry clothing. Campers who are not toilet trained must supply their own diapers, wipes and a change of clothes.
  • Parents should adhere to scheduled pick-up and drop-off times of camp. At the end of the day, if you are picking up your child at their camp site please be prompt in picking up your child at 3:00pm. If any person other than a guardian will be picking up your camper, you must provide written consent, including the name, address and phone number of the authorized individual.


More Information
For more information or to be added to our 2021 Summer Day Camp Mailing List, please contact Megan Siebert, Day Camp Coordinator at 815-407-1819 ext. 212 or