Cultural Arts

Many new and exciting cultural arts are offered at Northern Will County Special Recreation Association.

To find out more information on cultural arts programs, contact Ashlee O’Hern 815-407-1819 ext. 200 or Below are popular cultural arts programs being offered:

  • Chef’s Kitchen helps teach basic cooking skills, reading and understanding nutrition information and menu planning.
  • Creative Corner is a great program for people who wish to work on their fine motor skills by expressing their artistic side.

Day Camps

Northern Will County Special Recreation Association day camps are designed to fit all campers’ needs. Camp activities include crafts, games, sports, swimming and field trips. Northern Will County Special Recreation Association offers many options for summer day camp. Camps are also held during school and holiday breaks during the school year.

For more information on day camps, contact Megan Siebert 815-407-1819 ext. 202 or

The selection of summer day camps is below along with the specific age groups:

  • Camp Carefree – ages 3-12
    If you’re ready for some fun times and cool adventures, sign up for Camp Carefree. Don’t just sit around all summer wishing you could be having fun at day camp.
  • Summer Explorers – ages 6-12
    Summer Explorers offers an afternoon of fun, friends and recreation that immediately follows Valley View School District’s Extended School Year program.
  • Camp Independence – ages 13-25
    Camp Independence is built around creating independence in individuals through recreation. It is the perfect camp to help teens socialize, make new friends and become active members in the community.

Fitness & Aquatics

A great way to stay in shape and work up a sweat is to register for one of many fitness programs offered at Northern Will County Special Recreation Association. Once you get in the water, you won’t want to get out!

For more information on fitness and aquatics programs, contact Hannah Morris at 815-407-1819 ext. 205 or

Listed below are a few of the fitness and aquatic programs offered.

Fitness Programs

  • Fitness Frenzy is a program that focuses on creating a healthier you. Whether you are looking to get in better shape, tone your muscles or increase your flexibility and strength, this program is perfect.
  • Challenger Little League teaches players basic skills of softball while playing fun games. This is a great introductory program for those hoping to one day play for the Northern Will County SRA Wolves Special Olympics softball team.
  • Junior Fitness is an innovative sports play program for children ages 2-7 with intellectual disabilities and is designed to introduce them to the wonderful world of sports. Focus will be on developing fine motor skills by learning basic running, walking, throwing, kicking, balancing and jumping skills.

Aquatics Programs

  • Swim Lessons utilizes techniques and activities geared towards developing swim skills while emphasizing safety in the pool. Swim lessons are individualized and each participant will work at their own level of ability.
  • Discover Scuba Experience is a great opportunity to learn about scuba diving in a safe environment, with certified instructors and volunteers from Diveheart.


Sometimes the best option for a child, teen or adult with a disability is to remain in their own community’s recreation programs, but with a buddy to tag along. Those buddies (inclusion aides) are available to support participants as an affirming and encouraging presence within their own community’s program or camp.

That’s where we come in. Inclusion services are offered to participants of programs offered with Northern Will County SRA’s 3 member districts at no additional cost to the family. Once a need has been identified and communicated to one of our member district staff, an inclusion request is submitted, and we take it from there.

Northern Will County SRA’s inclusion services also include, when necessary, staff training, program modifications/adaptations, modified equipment and program observations.

Reasons to Request Inclusion Services

  • A parent or family member recognizes that a participant would benefit from additional support in a member district program
  • Member district staff identifies a need for additional support, for safety and programmatic reasons, and communicates this need to the family

Requesting Inclusion Services

When registering for a program with one of Northern Will County SRA’s member districts:

  • Mark the accommodation section of the registration form. This can be indicated in the following ways:
    Special Accommodations, ADA Information, or Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Once the registration form is submitted, the member district will contact the family to discuss the type of inclusion support needed for the participant
  • The member district will provide Northern Will County SRA with an inclusion request that contains both program and participant information
  • The family is then contacted by Northern Will County SRA staff to further discuss the needs of the participant and get input on the type of support needed
  • Northern Will County SRA will work with the member district to put the necessary inclusion accommodations in place for participation in the desired program(s)
  • Communication between Northern Will County SRA, member district staff, and the family continues throughout the inclusion process

If you would like to learn more about inclusion services, contact Hannah Morris at 815-407-1819 ext. 205  or

Social Programs

Here at Northern Will County Special Recreation Association, we try to keep our participants as social as possible by offering a wide range of weekly and one-time social programs such as Movie Mania, Diner’s Club and many more.

  • ACES is a community-based service club for adults with a disability. Members plan and experience community service projects, fundraising, and educational presentations while developing importing skills in the process.If you need more information on ACES Club, contact Ashlee O’Hern at 815-407-1819 ext. 200 or
  • Northern Will County Special Recreation Association attends and offers multiple dances each season with other cooperating agencies in the south suburbs. The Hawaiian Luau Dance is offered by Northern Will County Special Recreation Association in July and the Turkey Trot Dance is offered in November. Dances are a great way to meet new friends from neighboring Special Recreation Associations and catch up with old friends.If you would like to learn more about our cooperative dances, contact Ashlee O’Hern at 815-407-1819 ext. 200 or
  • Bring the whole family out to family events offered each season. Past events have included Family Bingo Night, Family Bowling Night, Family Pool Party and Family Picnic & Bean Bags. Contact Megan Siebert for general social programs and family programs at 815-407-1819 ext. 202 or

Special Olympics

Northern Will County Special Recreation proudly serves Special Olympics Area 7 covering Will and south Cook counties in Illinois.

To find out more about our Special Olympics programming, contact Hannah Morris at 815-407-1819 ext. 205 or Listed below are what Special Olympics sports are offered each season.

  • Aquatics – Fall/Winter/Spring
  • Track and Field – late Winter/Spring
  • Bocce – Spring
  • Softball – Summer
  • Golf – Summer
  • Tennis – late Spring/Summer
  • Volleyball – late Summer/Fall
  • Basketball – Winter/early Spring
  • Bowling – year round

Special Events

Northern Will County Special Recreation Association offers a number of unique special events each season. Some have included plays, local and professional sporting events, dining out, museums, and much more!

If you would like to learn more about special events, contact Ashlee O’Hern at 815-407-1819 ext. 200 or